hi-ya hotcakes

so i got my new 50 mm 1.4 lens in the mail on Wednesday. had to test it out on evan. my brother told me not to talk about cottage cheese anymore or he might vomit while reading this (does that count as mentioning it?). so glad it is the weekend. went to a reggae festival in downtown OKC tonight- posted some sweet shots on my facebook. the old guy who was singing was great. i was told by evan and another good friend tonight that i am lame for not seeing "classics" like borat, tommy boy, and black sheep. if that is classic, then i am lame. although i do consider wedding crashers a classic (don't judge me). i may have my first real "someone who isn't my friend or husband wanting me to take their pictures" shoot in the next few weeks. my friend tim just named this blog a "photog" (a photo blog). this is also all over the place tonight. I am so tired today because tim dislocated his shoulder while climbing with us last night (we convinced him to go and so may be indirectly responsible) and we spent 4+ hours in the ER with a weird intern named "turk" which was funny since that is a characters name on scrubs. tim told me this since i don't watch scrubs. i have watched the bachelorette this season though. admit it, you do too. evan and tim have this fish game they are obsessed with on tim's iphone. they are naming their fish. i am not going to share the names. except for chastity. i am now done. mom and dad get here on sunday sometime for a visit on their way back from mt. looking forward to it. also at the reggae concert tonight there was this girl who was just so caught up in dancing and laughing and singing. she was beautiful and glowing. i am putting her picture at the bottom of this post because she makes me smile.



here comes the sun

it hit me pretty suddenly.

"i could do that"

i could take pictures....LOVE pictures.

i have always been fascinated by photography. the moments of raw beauty captured on film or memory card. fascinated by the ability of the mind behind the lens to connect to the person in front of their camera and draw out a little bit of their true self. it is beauty to me. i have always played around with cameras. i used to dress my youngest sister up in costumes and make her stand in well lit rooms in our house so i could snap a few shoots of her with my mom's film canon. i had a point and shoot after that, and a good eye. then a canon rebel (more like still a rebel). i look for those moments. and after seeing countless wedding and engagment pictures that made me melt and reading countless blogs of photographers i admire i realized i could be the one behind the lens doing it for real...for a CAREER. i hate that word. it sounds so grown up and final. i could do it for love. i could do it because it is constantly changing as quickly as the couple or individual you shoot. because it is hard work and because i like a challenge. because i want everyone to have a photo of themself that they feel captures their essence and makes them feel beautiful. that is my motivation, that is my goal. i am learning. i have my camera on completely manual mode and am slowly wrapping my mind around the settings and how very important light is. i am realizing that you can do what you love.

another realization tonight:

the freezer food that you never want to eat goes well with leftover canned goods.

result: excellent eclectic tacos...and cottage cheese. how people don't like the stuff, i have no idea.

off to test my new lens on a very hot subject who i also get to sleep next to:)

my good friend lindsay was an excellent model for my sun flare experimentation. thanks linds!